31 Dec

A year ago at this time, I set goals for my fencing and this blog in 2014. A quick review shows that many of those goals were missed.

Wanted to fence in eight tournaments, but only participated in six. Had I not served as an emergency referee for the September meet, I probably would have found a way to work in another competition in November or December. Did expand my horizons by traveling up to Canada last month.

Indicator’s still in the negative double-digits, and I have yet to score consistently with parry-ripostes.

Twenty-three blog posts were seven short of my goal.

Not happy with the results, and seems to me that taking three months off from the sport over the summer really limited what I could accomplish over the year. There’s going to be times over the summer where competing and drilling won’t be practical, but taking an extended break is a mistake I don’t plan on making in the coming year.

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