9 Oct

Didn’t compete at that tournament a couple weeks ago. A ref canceled at the last minute (migraines are a terrible thing), so Coach asked that I focus on officiating and helping run the bout committee.

Had fun, much more than I’ve been having at tournaments I’ve been competing in lately. Felt useful, like I was contributing, even when performing a mundane task like mask check (pokey-poke, pokey-poke, how’s it look inside, we’re good, here’s your bunny stamp). Didn’t have to prove anything to myself, demonstrate that I belonged; I could relax, do what needed to be done, and enjoy being among these people, this culture that I admire and find so fascinating.

My refereeing is getting better, the calls more accurate and delivered with better clarity and confidence. Had only one call disputed, and that was mostly due to a poor explanation (it wasn’t preparation left – attack right; it was attack left, withdraw, counter-attack right). Need to learn the rule book, get some more experience, then become an official official.

Still having difficulty getting back fully into training and competing mode. Think I need to get in a tournament and get my butt kicked — get my juices flowing.

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