15 Sep

Felt good to take the summer off from fencing, but feel much better about getting back to the club. Needed to step back from the frustration I was feeling in the spring, wait for my appetite to return. Charged into an open floor night at the start of the month, took my first group lesson this evening. Thinking about private lessons from coach. First tournament of the fall is a week from Saturday; gonna get my butt kicked.

Need to adjust my focus, what I’m looking to get out of this sport. If this is about wins and losses, indicators, pool rankings, USFA ratings –it’s going to be another frustrating season. Seems to me there’s more that this sport has to offer, things it’s able to teach me if I just broaden my perspective. This sport fascinates me, and I got back after three decades away to discover why fencing never lost its appeal to me, why quitting always felt like tossing away the phone number of a good friend, someone who knew me better than I did. It’s that more that I want to strive for this season, not on achievement, or advancement.

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