10 May

Today’s tournament was different in that I actually started better than I finished, the inverse of my usual experience. Got to 4 touches in my first pool bout, against a D rated fencer who typically slices me up real good when we spar at the club. Felt good about having such a close bout, then I faced a kid who I really should beat, handily. And wound up losing 5-1, because I did my insanity fencing again — I kept lunging at him, he kept hitting me with the parry/riposte, and I made no adjustment (counter-parry, perhaps?).

So I’ve got another o-fer, with a negative thirteen indicator. Ended the day feeling frustrated, and worse, alone.

It’s time for my summer break. Coach wants to have a tournament in June, good for her. Think I should sit that one out. Spend more time at home, work in my yard, let my body heal. Come back in the fall, enter a few tournaments (need three more to reach the goal I had set for myself on New Year’s Day). Go back to my Hawaiian beach at the end of the December, then think about where I want to go next in this sport.

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