9 May

Had a conversation with my coach the other day about my goals for the coming year. Replied with pretty much the content of my post in this blog on January 1 — compete in eight tournaments, get my indicator into the negative single digits, work on my skills. As I’ve come to expect, she offered her own opinion.

“You’re energy’s going to ebb and flow over the year. You won’t fence at the same level at every tournament — you need to identify the ones where you want to peak. That will probably be the D and E tournaments, not the opens.”

Makes a lot of sense, but I’m not going to act on the advice until the fall. Have another tournament, a D, tomorrow, and my energy’s definitely been ebbing of late. Body’s feeling the wear, and the warm weather’s calling me outside. I’m not practicing, not working out — a few months off, and the energy should start flowing again.

Coach says she’ll have another D or E in June. Might show up for that one. Or maybe tomorrow will be the start of my summer vacation from fencing.

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