27 Apr

About the same result as usual. One win in six pool bouts. Came at the very end, so at least I can say that I didn’t roll over in disappointment (really should have gotten more touches than I did, and there were a couple bouts where I had a chance — but my execution just wasn’t there). There was no play-in round for the DE, so I lost right away.

Joked about how I got my one victory, making the day worthwhile. But I want more from this sport than to not finish last. I want more success, but that’s not going to happen until I fence better. And I’m not going to fence better unless I see these tournaments as learning opportunities, unless I respond by examining what went wrong and working on making the necessary correction.

So what lessons do I take away from today? Once again, patience. Got caught in the bad habit of flying at my opponents if I saw my footwork preparation wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. If I see it, go — but if I don’t see it, don’t just go anyway. Number two — parries. It’s a very weak part of my game, and getting better at this simple defensive motion (the adjustment could be as minor as taking a step back) will create opportunities for myself. And a third is the mental side of the game. I’m still starting these tournaments wide-eyed and nervous, instead of anxious and excited, and I think it’s those nerves which lead to my impatience.

So much to work on. But as I keep saying, I’m in this sport for the long haul, and I’m not afraid of hard work.

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