8 Mar

Coach invited me to referee some bouts at a high school tournament she was running this morning. Been heading in this direction a while — actually took a referee seminar in the fall, the first step in becoming officially official — and today showed me that I’ve got potential, but definitely need some work. Made all the right calls as far as results go, but my presentation left something to be desired. It’s not just about awarding the touch, but explaining the action, demonstrating that I not only knew who scored the touch, but how that touch was scored.

But my calls were quick and definitive. The explanation will come from experience, as the action slows down for me and I get more comfortable standing outside the strip between two combatants. Like my competition career, I don’t imagine going very far as a fencing referee, ever officiating a tournament more than fifty miles from my home or anything like a NAC — but I can make a contribution to this sport nonetheless.

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