1 Mar

Today was a good day. Started off poorly, not getting a single touch in either of my first two pool bouts. Hadn’t warmed up — my timing was poor, point control worse. Wasn’t until I broke a sweat in my third bout that I started executing. Lesson #1 from today — warm up, dammit!

Two more losses (the second at 5-4), then a final pool bout against an opponent I knew from having watched that I should beat. My coach, who was also directing this bout, had some quick advice as she dropped the test weight on my foil. “Come in slow — she’ll pick you off with parry/riposte if you come in hot.”

Let’s see. Coach has been fencing thirty years, has competed internationally, been running her own club over a decade. Should I listen to her, or continue to trust my instincts?

 Fortunately I made the wise choice. Came in slow, waited for a reaction, did a simple disengage. Worked. Did it again — worked again. Saw that she figured out what I was doing, so I did a double — worked. End result was a 5-1 victory, first of 2014.

Went on to win my first DE as well, 15-8 (my opponent kept charging at me, again and again — all it took was simple beat attacks and parries), before only getting a single touch against the top seed in the next round. Did some strip coaching, even referred a bout. All in all, a very positive day. And yeah, I really needed it.

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