Step Back

17 Feb

Same result from the E and Under last week — lost every bout. Don’t even think I got to three touches in any of my pools. I was cheerful, but in a forced, almost artificial manner. Got all bent out of shape over a reminder to check my scores from an official.

In other words, I wasn’t satisfied by my performance. At all.

Another tournament yesterday, an open. No way I was going to participate, but since a number of my friends were competing — and this was the same tournament I’ve observed for the last two years — I decided to go out and support them in whatever way I could.

Felt good to step back, let myself enjoy the experience. Be part of this culture which I find so inspiring, knowing I had nothing personal on the line.

Best experience was watching The Guy I Always Beat win a DE for the first time. I acted like his strip coach, and gave him simple advice during the first break, when he was up by half a dozen touches. “Just keep doing what you’re doing, but do it at the right time. Your beat attack can work against this guy every time, but only when he’s coming forward, when you have control of the tempo. You try to charge in when he’s set, and he’ll just parry-riposte. This bout is yours — finish it — wait for your moments.”

And he did. He really needed that victory, and it felt good to play what little role I did in his success.

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