7 Feb

Another tournament tomorrow. An E and Under, so the level of competition won’t be that intense. Making an effort not to dwell on results this time — win a few or none at all, I want to enjoy the experience, something I’ve been forgetting to do in my last few tournaments.

Been working to simplify my game at practice, with my coach’s encouragement. I’m going in with just two attacks, a straight beat-lunge and a simple disengage. Also want to at least try a parry/riposte each bout, my way of keeping that part of my game in mind. And that’s it — I don’t want to try anything beyond that, because I really can’t do that much more.

All set up by footwork and tempo, of course. That’s something I’ve had success with, and I want to see if I can use that to my advantage tomorrow.

But the bottom line is, I’ve got to have fun. Being miserable at the first sign of disappointment . . . want to be done with that.

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