9 Jan

My time in the warm land of plentiful sunshine was a true vacation, a time to put my feet up and rest. After an active, productive, and at times stressful fall which included four tournaments and almost daily practice, I realized that what I really needed was time to recharge. Did some running, in order to keep up my conditioning, but no footwork drills — it just felt like stepping away for a while was the right thing to do.

So now I’m back, and a little more than a week after the end of my layoff, I have a tournament. This will be a C event, so the competition will be tougher than it has been in most of my tournaments (but not as tough at the open I entered in September — I have no desire to enter one of those any time soon). My goals remain the same as if this were a D or E event — win once in the pools, keep my indicator in the single digits, and if the lower seeds have to face each other in the DEs in order to face the top seeds, win that qualifying bout.

Went to practice a couple days ago, and didn’t feel that my skills had deteriorated during my two week layoff. Perhaps I’m wrong, and I’ll be surprisingly disappointed on Saturday. But even if I get shut out once again, I’m glad to have motivated myself to compete right at the start of the year. Compete — that’s such an important word for me. If I can compete, and continue working on my skills, I really think I can achieve my goal in this sport: to earn a rating in all three weapons. That’s not going to happen in 2014, but what I can do is make this the year that I compete.

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