2014 Goals

2 Jan

I didn’t set goals for 2013 because, quite frankly, I had no idea what I was about to get into. But with a solid year of competition under my belt, I feel I can set realistic goals for the coming year.

1. Compete in eight tournaments. I did seven last year, so eight seems realistic, and should provide the experience I need to improve my game. One tournament a month in January – April and September – December, with the summer off to rest the shoulder. Perhaps two tournaments in some months — can’t see competing on back to back weeks, knowing how exhausted I am after tournaments.

2. Reduce my indicator to single digits. Coming out of my seven pools this year, my indicators were -14, -7, -16, -24 (the open), -12, -13, and -11. If you throw out the score from the open, that still shows a consistent indicator in the negative double digits. One more touch in each of my pool defeats gets that down to the single digits, and will improve my seeding going into the DEs. And improved seeding puts me in a better position to advance a round or two.

This goal will require fencing better in the pools. Especially in my last tournament, I feel that I fence like an old man during the pools — slow, hesitant, defensive. I get to the DEs, I’m more satisfied with my game. Need to figure out how to fence with more of a sense of urgency in the pools.

3. Score a point each bout with a parry/riposte. I’m having success with my footwork and snap thrust game, and have begun to land some lunges as well. But without a parrty/riposte game, I’m not going to have the success I want in this sport. If I can’t score at least one touch per bout off my opponent’s attack, that tells me I’m not being patient, not watching distance, not setting up my opponent. This is a part of my game that I need to look for, and execute. It won’t just happen — it has to be the outcome of a successfully implemented strategy.

So there are my goals. I’ll have to work to attain each one of them, but none of them seem like wishful thinking. And if I’m able to attain each one, I think I’ll be very happy with my fencing 365 days from now.

One other goal, of lesser import — last year I made 26 posts in this blog. A little over two a month on average seems good, but when I realize five of those posts were just on the mask fiasco, I’m much less impressed. My original thought was to blog once a week; knowing my schedule, I don’t think that’s realistic. But how about one post before each tournament, another after the tournament. That would only make 16 for the year; another post a month, just on general training, gets me to 28. How about 30 posts, including the present?

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