18 Oct

Another tournament tomorrow. This one’s an “E and Under” event, so I shouldn’t get smoked like I did last month.

Asked my coach at practice last night whether I should continue going into these things without any expectations. She challenged me to think a bit differently, to go in with the idea of seeing how well I can do. Make adjustments, learn from mistakes, work on getting that next touch. It’s not about setting a goal, judging success on whether I reach a certain result; it’s about being curious, eager to see how far I can get.

Still a bit amorphous, perhaps, but still far more helpful than “just go and have fun.”

There is one concrete goal I have for myself — not have this tournament waste me. I battled back spasms for over a week after the last tournament, and my physical discomfort prevented me from practicing like I know I should. When I get home tomorrow, I’m going to ice down my back, legs, and neck, and do a couple rounds of stretching before bed.

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