12 Sep

Got back on strip last week, first time in a couple months. Shoulder healed up nicely during my time away; it’s not (or ever will be again) 100% whole, but the shooting pain I felt in the spring is down to a discomfort which, when I’m not thinking about it, is not noticable.

Noticed something on my return last week. Was getting frustrated that I was getting the same results as before — lots of misses, giving up too many touches — and instead of chalking it up to rust, I decided to analyze what I was doing, seeing if there was something I could easily change. Didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t lunging. My attacks were flat-footed jabs, which left me too close to my opponent. Deciding I had nothing to lose by trying, I focused at the end of last week on simple lunge attacks. And noticed an almost immediate improvement.

But that was only ten minutes, against an opponent who wasn’t at my level. Been anxious to get back on strip — focused on my lunges during my nightly footwork drills. I’ve been looking forward to tonight for an entire week now. Let’s see what happens if I focus on lunging for an entire evening.

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