21 Jul

Results from last month’s tournament were about the same as the one before — one victory in the prelims, another in the DEs. Both victories were against one of the guys I had beaten in the last tournament. Four victories, three against the same guy — need to improve that.

With the traditional summertime lull in fencing tournaments, I’m taking some time off to rest my aching shoulder. Not sure fencing’s caused any damage to it — think it’s mostly a repetitive stress problem from using my mouse at work — but it’s gotten to a point where I can’t throw without pain. I’m hoping that a combination of rest and exercises for my back shoulder muscles will alleviate the pain. Still doing my daily footwork for fifteen minutes, but the plan is to not pick up a weapon until I feel some relief. Have a feeling that won’t happen until the end of August, at the earliest.

But I’m not quitting. I’m enjoying this sport too much to leave.

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