6 Apr

“You need an underarm protector,” the judge at my first bout told me. “It’s a required piece of safety equipment.”

OK then! Thought I was done with the melodrama after Frankenmask passed inspection, but I was now faced with another wardrobe malfunction before I even started competing. Did what I should have done when I had the mask problem back in the January tournament — get my coach, look for a solution. She didn’t have a spare, but we soon found someone who did (and apparently loaned several protectors that day), and with my judge giving me a break and resechudling my first bout, I got through this mini-crisis with little consternation.

Had a similar issue in my DE — I had a second foil, but no spare body cord. Judge decided to let it go, so no harm was done.

Now I know I need two more pieces of equipment, an underarm protector and a second body cord. Am looking forward to getting through my next tournament with no wardrobe melodrama.

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