23 Mar

Entering another tournament today, he types gulping down Wheaties. This time it feels right — been practicing with purpose for about a year, which is how long novice fencers should train before entering their first competitions. The event will be familiar as well — already know many of the competitors, actually helped with set up yesterday (black electrical tape on the gym floor).

My coach has given me one goal for today — have fun. Go through the process, and enjoy it. Not sure I buy into have “just have fun” mentatility (if I just wanted to have fun, I’d stick to practices, thank you), but there is something to be said for making the experience enjoyable for myself.

And not imploding. That’s my main goal. Break that emotional pattern.

What am I expecting for results? Because not thinking about results is like not thinking of a pink elephant. About the same — I’m going to lose every bout. Focus today is on getting touches, making adjustments during each bout, doing at least one thing each bout that surprises me.

This is what I need to do. I can’t make the contributions that I want to make to this sport unless I compete.

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