2 Mar

August of last year saw USA Fencing adopt a rule change for foil at all competition levels. The lower portion of the mask bib, all of which was formerly off-target, was now considered part of the legal target area. While this rule change doesn’t require any change in strategy — if you’re giving any thought at all to protecting this areaa, you’re likely opening a large part of the much larger target area below the bib — the new rule is causing some heartburn among veteran fencers who aren’t wild about investing in new masks with integrated regulation lame lining on the bib.

There is an alternative for fencers with older masks — a lame attachment can be purchased and attached to the bib. My retrofitted mask is shown here:


Both the integrated and retrofitted lame bibs have two small tabs on either side. A small cord, also shown in the picture, connects by an alligator clip to one of the tabs, with the other end gator-clipping on to the lame, typically on the collar.

If you look closely at the above photograph, you’ll notice a thin line of shadow at the top of the lame attachment, indicating a bit of space between the attachment and bib. This tiny bit of separation would play a large role in the tournament I would enter at the end of January.

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