18 Dec

Given my performance at my last tournament, I’m hardly anxious for my next. But there will be another tournament for me — I’m making a commitment to myself to try at least one more time.

Thought a lot lately about when I’ll be ready to give it another shot. And I’ve hit on a definitive criterion — the ability to parry a simple straight attack, to my open side, the four. I’m guessing close to half of the touches against me at the last tournament were on simple attacks, with no disengages or feints. This should be an attack I parry at least 8 times out of 10.

So that’s what I’m looking for in practice. Can I parry simple straight attacks to four? Can I train my body to retreat, rather than stand my ground? Can I bring my parry across not only effectively, but efficiently, with no more exertion than required? Most important of all, and the basis for evaluating whether I’m ready for my next tournament — can I successfully defend against a straight attack to four 80% of the time?

I don’t care about ripostes, I don’t care about attacks. I just want to successfully execute a four-parry. Once I start doing that, I can move on.

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