3 Nov

After a week of feeling sorry for myself after last Saturday’s tournament, I’ve decided to keep going with the fencing lessons.

There’s two skills I want to work on, skills that I think could lead to at least some success should I be able to refine them:

1. Retreating a step when I parry. Too often last week I was beaten by simple straight attacks (no beating of the blade, no disengage). I made contacts with my parries, but they weren’t strong enough, couldn’t prevent my opponent from getting around or through my blade. I’ve known for a while that I get flat-footed when attacked, instinctively “holding my ground” in response — a terrible instinct, one that I need to correct in practice. Just a simple step back may be enough to make my parries  more effective. This is a skill I have to develop before entering my next tournament.

2. Counter-parry after my lunges. When I attack and miss, my instinct is to keep attacking, get that touch in — another terrible habit, as it leaves me defenseless against a simple parry/riposte. If I instinctively look for a riposte when I attack, move to counter as soon as I finish my lunge, that again will lead to a bit more success.

So I have my two goals, and the cash to pay for three more months of lessons. Let’s see where this leads.

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