7 Oct

Ran a mile in 9:22 this morning at the gym. I was at around 10:30 when I started training a couple months ago, so while I’m not at my goal of a nine minute mile yet, I’m happy with my progress and confident I can get where I want to be.

Seeing better results in practice as well. I enjoy hitting the spot right under my opponent’s weapon arm — get the tip over the arm, raise the bell guard and lunge. Can’t hit it with any consistency yet, but I feel like I’m developing a better sense of when the moment is right for me to launch that attack.

Also have had a couple experienced fencers tell me I’m adept enough so that they don’t just go through the motions with me, they can experiment with new offensive and defensive techniques knowing that if they don’t execute them, I’ll be able to stop them. Progress for sure.

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