1 Sep

There’s no way I’m going to have any success in this sport if all I do is show up twice a week at my fencing club. I had been training on my own, six minutes a day, every day, for nearly four months before declaring that I was ready to start training for competitions. Mostly footwork — you can never practice footwork too much (I hear that some European fencing schools do not allow their students to touch a weapon in their first year of training — it’s all footwork and balance at the start).

But six minutes a day is still not enough. Don’t know how much more I’ll need, but I do know that the only way this is going to work is if I do it incrementally. Setting the bar too high is a recipie for failure and disillusionment. One half-hour session at home, on the weekend — done that the last two weekends, hope to keep that going for a while, and if I start to feel that I’m ready for something more, find time for a second thirty-minute workout at home.

Start with pushups and balance drills. Fifteen minutes of footwork — two advance/two retreat, end with a lunge, then three/three lunge, four/four — three sets. Basic extend-disengage-lunge — freeze, watch the body and front fooot position. Beat attack (just flex the wrist), extend-disengage-lunge — again, watch your positioning. Then get the tennis ball that I’ve run through with a string, hang it from the drop ceiling in the basement. Advance/lunge — hit the ball, tok. Swing it like a pendulum, practice disengaging, just use the fingers, no wrist.

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